Tae Ryong History

The Tae Ryong School of Taekwondo was founded in 1982 by Grand Master Yong Shin and has proudly served the communities of Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Los Angeles, Saugus and Bakersfield California along with our newest school in Port Orchard, Washington for the past 36 years.

The Korean Art of self-defense has, behind it, hundreds of years of culture and tradition. Grand Master Yong Shin, raised in this heritage, prides himself in its tradition and its techniques, and has devoted his life to its development. He constantly inspires and guides his students and instructors to abide by the Korean Tradition. At Tae Ryong Tae Kwon Do School we strive for excellence. We train our students to maintain the highest standards, both physical and mental, for increased motivation and self-esteem.

Early Life

Grand Master Yong Shin was born September 27, 1952 in Seoul, Korea. He grew up in an impoverished village where many struggled for food and an education was earned by few. At the young age of five, Master Shin offset the challenging circumstances surrounding him by putting everything he had into the study of Taekwondo. Master Shin tested for his first black belt at eight years old, and, under the guidance of Grand Master Yong Sup Lee, continued to thrive and steadily advance. For seven years of his young adult life, Grand Master Shin worked tirelessly running his own studio/dojang (Tae Ryong) and teaching Taekwondo to the United States Army, while also teaching high school physical education. As he exhausted all his resources, it became clear to Master Shin that he would need to emigrate from Korea to the United States in order to achieve his goals.

Arriving in the U.S.

In November of 1979, Master Shin, a sixth degree black belt, arrived in the United States alone, unable to speak English and without a place to live. After arriving here with little more than the clothes on his back, Master Shin began working seven days a week, twenty hours a day, and did not allow his meager circumstances to deter him from his ultimate desire: to open a Taekwondo school in the United States.

Tae Ryong Camarillo

In August of 1982, Master Shin achieved his goal, and the Tae Ryong Taekwondo School of Camarillo began operation; initially with only eight hundred square feet of floor space.

To those who desire great things, Master Shin says: “Decide who and what you want to be. Then, make a short term plan and a long term plan towards these goals. Commit yourself to these goals and plans, and never quit until you have achieved them!”

Grand Master Shin and the USA Olympic Team

The Olympics

In 1988, the Olympic Games were hosted in Seoul, Korea. The opening ceremonies included a Taekwondo demonstration performed by the Taekwondo Masters in Korea, and, for the first time, Taekwondo was introduced as a Demonstration Olympic Sport.

Grand Master Shin took the responsibility of promoting the growth of Taekwondo in the United States. He served as an Olympic (International) level Referee, and also as Coach and Manager of our USA National Taekwondo Team. In 2000, Taekwondo became an Official Olympic Sport at the Sydney Games, and Grand Master Shin was an Official United States Delegate.

Tae Ryong Today

Today, Tae Ryong Taekwondo Schools are thriving and full of energy! Grand Master Shin has increased the size of his Camarillo studio to five thousand square feet, and has opened numerous branches throughout Southern California.

He wanted to use his life experience and struggles to create a place where FAMILIES could be together and strive for the common goal of EXCELLENCE.

Grand Master Shin is a ninth Degree Black Belt (the highest rank attainable). “Accompany your decisions with action and always finish what you start”

"You can do anything, if you have enough desire, and a realistic plan."

Grand Master Shin’s journey began as one to improve his own life. Today, he is considered a pioneer of Martial Arts in Ventura County and one of the most sought after leaders in the industry. He has given his dedicated staff the mission of continuing the legacy that is Tae Ryong for future generations of Martial Artists: to improve everyone’s lives. Grand Master Shin has overcome obstacles that many of us have not had to endure. The perseverance he has demonstrated in his life makes him uniquely qualified to say, “You can do anything, if you have enough desire, and a realistic plan.”