camarillo, ca

The Tae Ryong School of Taekwondo was founded in 1982 by Grand Master Yong Shin and has proudly served the communities of Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Los Angeles, Saugus and Bakersfield California along with our newest school in Port Orchard, Washington for the past 36 years.


bakersfield, ca

Master Hyo Bang started his Martial Arts studies at the age of six, and since that time has dedicated his life to learning and teaching the Taekwondo way. He attended Yong In University in Korea, where he continued his martial arts career as captain of the Taekwondo team at one of the world’s leading martial arts universities.

Since Master Bang began his career as an instructor in 1998, he has been devoted to sharing his passion for Taekwondo with his students and helping them to achieve their dreams, including guiding them to be National Team members.

Now, with over 30 years of experience, Master Bang is committed to bringing the highest quality of Martial Arts training to you and your family. We are waiting for you!

Over the course of his career, Master Bang has had many great and outstanding achievements reflecting his passion dedication to Taekwondo.


Los Angeles, CA - Westwood

Master Scott Hutchinson came from very humble beginnings before reaching success as a Taekwondo Instructor and businessman. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, he began training in Taekwondo on a military base under Grandmaster Shin’s first black belt instructor, Master Joe Oullet.
Like all prospective Tae Ryong black belts, Master Hutchinson was presented before the Grandmaster. He was so impressed by his physical skills and mental sharpness that he was offered to come to California and teach at his school. Master Hutchinson seized this opportunity and made the move across the country to begin his new life as a Tae Ryong instructor in California. 

Since then he has been an accomplished competitor, winning championship after championship from every major event in California. In 2000, he opened his own Tae Ryong Taekwondo school in Westwood, Los Angeles. 

Today, Master Hutchinson is a family man with roots deep in West Los Angeles. His school continues to constantly grow. His competitive nature fuels and inspires his students to do the same. Although he has so many accolades and accomplishments in his life, probably his greatest achievement is his ability to communicate and reproduce his work ethic, integrity and positive attitude to his students who have also become champions, not only in martial arts, but in life as well.



My martial art career with Tae Ryong began in 1990 and for the last 15 years I have instructed under Grand Master Yong Shin at the Tae Ryong Headquarters in California. I am committed to bringing a higher level of Taekwondo to our community that represents my years of training, my personal integrity and my attention to the Tae Ryong way. Thanks for stopping by the website and I look forward to meeting you in person at the studio.

Our new state of the art Tae Ryong Taekwondo School of Saugus opened its doors on November 1st, 2007. With over 3,000 square feet of training space, a benched spectator area, modern TKD equipment, restrooms & changing room, retail area and FREE Wi-Fi access to all members and family… we think you will be hard-pressed to find a better martial arts facility!



Master Tony Nares holds a 5th Degree Black Belt, or 5th Dan. He has been training under Grand Master Shin for over 25 years. After attempting soccer at age 4, he realized it wasn’t the sport for him. Through an inevitable twist of fate, and a fear of running around the soccer field with kids he had never seen before, this lead to Master Nares’ legacy at Tae Ryong Taekwondo School. Not a bad idea for a kid who was the greatest Power Rangers fan ever…and still is.

Growing up in a bad neighborhood, he was constantly surrounded by mischievous individuals with questionable behavior. With the assistance of Grand Master Shin, positive reinforcement, and daily encouragement to strive for excellence that Tae Ryong consistently thrives to provide, Master Nares avoided following the wrong crowd and became the mature, well-disciplined man he is today. He has had the privilege of teaching at three Tae Ryong schools and is currently the chief instructor for the Newbury Park location.


ventura, ca

Master Nesbit started training with Grand Master Shin in 2003 and has realized great opportunity as a Tae Ryong Taekwondo School Owner, Instructor, Sparing Team Member, Referee, and Judging Committee member. His proudest achievement was his invitation to US Navy Taekwondo and the US Armed Forces Taekwondo Team in 2010 where he trained and competed with some of the best Taekwondo fighters in the world.

Master Nesbit’s passion for Taekwondo is shared by his wife Master Candice Nesbit and kids Master Alexis Madina and Tyler. Team Nesbit is devoted to sharing their passion for Taekwondo and is committed to bringing the highest quality of Martial Arts training to their students.


Los Angeles, CA - Brentwood

Master Nickie Quan is a 7th Dan (6th degree Black Belt) and has been training under Grand Master Shin for over 30 years. As a child, Master Quan was “high-energy” and always looking for adventure (or mischief, perhaps). His parents sought out Master Shin with the feeling that Taekwondo would provide the balance of discipline and athletics.

As he trained and matured, Master Quan would go on to being a successful student both academically and in Martial arts. He began assisting classes at the Camarillo studio while in High school to stay focused on competition goals. After High School, Master Quan was presented the opportunity to attend college in Korea, training in their Olympic sport Taekwondo team program.

After returning to the US, Master Quan resumed teaching classes with Grandmaster Shin, this time at the Thousand Oaks school. While there he finished his college education at California State University, Northridge with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. In 2007, Master Quan returned to the Camarillo school to lead operations as the General Manager for Tae Ryong Taekwondo Schools.

Today, Master Quan is teaching in the community of Brentwood at the Tae Ryong training center at 11600 San Vicente Blvd., which opened Summer of 2015.


port orchard, washington

Master Rogers began her Martial Arts journey quite differently than most Professional Taekwondo instructors. She was a homeschooling mother of four children who were beginning their journey towards black belt at the Tae Ryong Taekwondo School-Pt. Mugu Naval Base. As she sat on the “bench” watching her children fulfill their physical education requirements, she became aware of how taekwondo was also influencing them in other areas: attention, focus, confidence, self-control and discipline. It wasn’t long before she desired the same influence and began training alongside her children for her blackbelt.

She stepped onto the mat for the first time with an invitation from Grand Master Shin who noticed her dedication to her children’s lessons. Since then she has won numerous local, national, and international competitions. Her passion for taekwondo was something that was not confined to the mat as a student or competitor; an educator at heart, she found the atmosphere in which she wanted to invest her skills. Grand Master Shin took notice of her abilities and wanted to teach her what was necessary to run a successful school. He offered her the opportunity to work in the office and to later become the office manager at the Tae Ryong headquarters. She invested several years in the office and being trained as an instructor.

Master Rogers’ focus and perseverance, along with her motivation to strive for excellence, are foundational in what Grand Master Shin expects in his instructors. Although many women have gone before her to achieve black belts and master titles, her passion for taekwondo and teaching caught Grand Master Shin’s attention which is why she is the first woman to graduate from “the bench”, “the training floor”, “the administration office” and finally to her own Tae Ryong location. Tae Ryong Taekwondo School – Washington, is the first in Washington State and will undoubtedly grow due to the teaching experience, on the mat and in the classroom, Master Rogers brings her students.


thousand oaks, ca

Master Stolsig holds a 6th Dan or 6th degree Black Belt under the World Taekwondo Federation, and has been training with Grand Master Shin for well over 20 years. He owes his start in Taekwondo thanks to his father, and his younger brother Josh (who at the time really wanted to be a ninja). Back in the 1980s there were only two Martial Arts schools in Camarillo, a Karate school and Tae Ryong Taekwondo. They chose to train with Grand Master Shin because he was the strictest; an attribute Master Stolsig’s father, Tim Stolsig (Master Stolsig Sr.) liked very much.

With 25 degrees of black belt spread between 9 family members, it is truly a family affair. 

After graduating from Camarillo High School, Master Stolsig joined the Marines. Upon completing his service he came back to beautiful Camarillo, and started teaching Taekwondo with his father, to military personnel and their families on Point Mugu Naval base. He is now the Chief Instructor for our Thousand Oaks location.